moldavian girls

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moldavian girls

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Eric advantage of Chatteris

My grandaddy from my mothers side Stanley Binder was a chatteris boy whos father (randy)Arthur Binder was the person responsible for getting Eric into Boxing i have only been speaking to him 10 minutes ago and he was telling me how his father watched from his house opposite Erics school, Eric was reducing with a lad, And he told him to come along to the gym that my great granfather ran, He tells me that he trained him for some time until he was taken under the wing of Jack Sullivans but he my grandfather and great grandfather remained friends for quite a while even driving his white jaguar around when he was forbidden to drive by his manager before a fight. My grandad tells me that he was at the Omar Kouidri fight with moldova girls Eric, together with the Albert hall. I will have to ask him some more details but im sure he would be able to shed some light on some un answered questions. go ahead and drop me a line if you have some questions, I cant certainty but i dont mind asking.

Good LuckI have been searching for a connection between my wifes family and Eric Boon of Chatteris as my mother in law assures me that Eric was a cousin of her late ( boyfriend ).

about 1901 census

Elsie M Boon born 1895 in Stockwell united kingdom ( Is his the mother).

Hilda G Boon born 1898 and Maud E Boon born 1900 both in Stockwell were her siblings.

James Boon born 1891 in Stockwell was her pal.

He is trying to make a reference to the famous Daniel Boon of the usa


if you have had any links to the family please send to me atHi. I too have a close interest inherited of Eric Boon. I have previously made exposure to some of his relatives, my personal opinion he was from a large family, Many of whom now live in the neighborhood of Littleport. I must tread carefully though as my father was the unlawful son of a man called Eric Boon, Who was not however the boxer Eric Boon, But was probably a a nephew. I'm told his name was normally John Boon. He was a Tank Seargeant who saw action everywhere on Europe during WWII. He met my granny at Bridge of Don barracks near Aberdeen in 1946. She was a student in the ATS. She fell pregnant and these folks going to get married but he rather let her down. fine, enough, I really need to trace my male line, I'm not sure if I want to meet any of a family, As it is also possible he later did marry and moldova dating have children, And that would upset people. alternatively, if anyone can help me fit the jigsaw pieces together I'd be delighted. These things needn't be kept secret in this day and age!

Grthathanm an. Wilson

hey Ollie,

It is quite possible then how much your grandad remembers my dad too, Jack Mayes of Wenny motoring Chatteris. He and Eric were counterparts. Eric's daughter, Brenda at present lives in Chatteris, Not sure of the address as with the an anniversary cards. I still get a card from Aunt Brenda on a yearly basis. My dad's sister left Chatteris after marrying Jack Gavin and gone to Aberdeen. My dad's parents were Donald and Lily Mayes and grandad was a caretaker for a school in Chatteris not sure if it was the one on a corner of Wenny Road.

I have tried to research the family tree, As cousin Brenda, Bless the doll, Is not very upcoming with names etc. in truth I knew about Uncle Eric and that my dad did a bit of boxing but being a girl never found it that thrilling. Not until I had sons of my own who all joined the Grenadiers and one of which tried out for the boxing team did I ever mention it and of course their interest came to the fore. I do have a copy of all Uncle Eric's fights that I purchased, For an expense, about boxing federation. quite some list. Unfortunately my dad died in 1982 so have not been able to get answeres. Both their sisters say the same to me, "We were young girls and not at all thinking of what our brother was doing, For fear of unpleasant two elderly aunts, I sealed up.